Searching Commentaries with Passage Lists in Logos Bible Software

One of the great features of Logos Bible Software is the ability to create a passage list and then search through commentaries, with results only coming back from sections in commentaries about those verses. This makes it helpful to add several passages or verses to a passage list and pull up all your “versified” resources about those passages. In a passage guide, you can only search one verse or passage at a time.

A: Using the word “chose,” I want to create a passage list for every time God and the same form of the Greek lemma are used in the same verse.

B. Right-clicking on the word “chose,” I can find the exact morphology of the word chose. Using the following query “person:God lemma.g:ἐκλέγομαι@VAMI3S–” will result in seven verses where chose, in this morphology and God are present.

C. Using the settings menu of the search panel, find the “Save as Passage List” option. Click on it. I renamed the passage list to God AND Chose.

Now that we have set this passage list up, we can let Logos do the heavy lifting to turn our library into a proper research library.

To search this passage list in a search panel, use this syntax

milestone:passageList:”God AND Chose”

Note: you can always begin with milestone:passageList: and then start typing in the passage list name. Logos will automatically recognize the list.

The picture below shows this passage list search in all of my commentaries. This means that every resource that uses verses, chapters or pericopes as headings(and is properly formatted by Logos) will show up in this search. This means every chapter in a commentary about any of those passages in the list will appear.

The beauty of Logos is that when we narrow our library down to just the kinds of books we want to research, we can narrow our results. In the first search with all my commentaries, 575 resources were returned. In the picture below, I show how I searched the resources I have tagged as Anglican. This returned 20 resources.

Finally, you can search for words within these sections in the commentaries.

predestination IN milestone:passageList:”God AND Chose”

This search results whenever predestination is used in commentaries that deal specifically with the verses in our passage list.

You don’t have to just search words, Bible verses work, too!

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